Digging Deep for 'Drum and Space' with Engage Audio

On the 5th of April, we are teaming up with Engage Audio to bring you an exploration into uncharted territories of drum and bass. Across two rooms of the warehouse vibe-laden venue ‘The Cause’, we are hosting some of the most renowned and sought after names in the scene, as well as heaps of impressive new talent.

To celebrate the launch of this line up, we have dug deep in order to bring to light some quality music from a selection of the artists playing on the night. However, instead of just choosing our favourite tunes from said artists, we have focused on songs that perhaps aren’t as well known as the ‘Be True’s and ‘Hey Judas’s of this world. Where possible, we have also tried to focus on tunes that perhaps steer slightly away from the usual style the producer is known for (Bredren, on a footwork hype you say?!). There is such a rich variety of music present within the line up and we hope this following list gives you a sneak peak of the night ahead...

Ulterior Motive - Yogurt Brainwave [Subtitles, 2010]

Released on Teebee’s ‘Subtitles’ imprint, this delightfully named song steers away from the usual style the duo are known for, and instead steps deep into funkville. The song bounces away throughout its 6 minute duration with what must surely be one of the wobbliest sub-basses in existence.

Commix - Undisco [Liquid V, 2005]

This was originally released on Liquid V’s ‘Club Sessions EP Part 1’ on vinyl in 2005, and then released on CD and digitally as part of the ‘10 Years of Liquid V’ compilation in 2014. The song saw Commix (at the time a duo) reach for funk and disco influences, and to this date is one of the more unique songs of theirs that often misses people’s radars.

Nymfo - Oblivion Dreams [Commercial Suicide, 2014]

This one appeared back in 2014 on a Commercial Suicide EP alongside ‘Headbangers Ball’ and ‘Beep’, two hefty rolling tracks that are synonymous with Nymfo’s signature sound. ‘Oblivion Dreams’, however, is a song that sits more within the liquid side of things, with spacey keys and a smooth bassline that would lead to many ‘eyes closed and lost in the music’ moments in the rave.

Dexta & Bredren - Get Stupid (Tony The Tiger) [Diffrent Music, 2014]

Bredren teamed up with Diffrnt Music head honcho Dexta for this one, and the interesting collaboration led to a heavily footwork-influenced halftime tune. Bredren are usually known for their distinct style of minimal, clean-cut drum and bass, so it is interesting hearing them use their creative production on a wonkier flex.

Altered Perception & Zach Herer - The Rain (Philth Remix) [Terabyte Records, 2014]

This one is a masterclass in how to tastefully remix an already sublime tune, with Philth adding his own subtle touch that brings powerful atmospherics to the euphoric liquid song. Whilst the tune had a solid reception, it is still one that slipped under the radar slightly in our opinion. Philth will be going b2b with Bredren on the 5th of April, and we cannot wait to what their combined powers will bring, especially with their huge recent EP together on Flexout Audio.

Doctor Jeep - Vault Of Glass (Hyroglifics Remix) [BTG, 2018]

Released on Vinyl only, Hyroglifics remixed a broken-techno 130bpm tune from multi-genre producer Doctor Jeep, and fashioned it into a tune that somehow resembles techno as much as it does footwork and drum and bass. Due to it being released on Vinyl, it is a tune that I have yet to hear be played out, yet it seeps innovation and atmosphere in a way many tunes don’t quite manage to.

Nativ - Half A Gram (Arkaik Remix) [Skutta Records, 2014]

This one is a true hidden gem. A moody intro leads towards a halftime drop that intermittently introduces the eerie sounding synth from the original Nativ tune. After a quick break however, the song launches into a full-time minimal extravaganza that is typical of the producer. The way this song progresses throughout its entirety is admirable, even teasing some breaks towards the latter end.

Tyrone - Cyberdyne Symphony [Proximity Recordings, 2014]

Perhaps known most recently by his Metalheadz EP alongside Jubei ‘The Saboteur’, this is a man that has some tricks under his sleeve. One of these is ‘Cyberdyne Symphony’, a song released on a various artists compilation from Proximity Recordings in 2014. Sci-fi imagery is conjured up as the deep synth-led intro builds and builds, before being thrusted into a weighty halftime drop with beefy drums and a bassline to match.

Mystic State vs Data 3 - Spirit Matter [Addictive Behaviour, 2017]

Data 3 have a wider back catalogue than most may think, ranging from their bootlegs of artists from Chase & Status to John B (although this remains a dub), to their releases on labels like Flexout Audio and Shogun Audio. This half liquid/half deep roller was released as part of the ‘Mystic State Versus’ EP on Addictive Behaviour, an EP that saw rising stars Mystic State collaborate with artists like themselves, Philth, Detail and Wingz.

Klinical - Blame [Free Download, 2016]

Klinical is another one of many current rising talents in the drum and bass scene, with recent tunes being recognised on Noisia Radio, as well as having releases on labels like Skankandbass and Lifestyle Music. Even his minimal tune ‘Blame’ however, which was released as a free download in the Christmas of 2016, is of utmost quality, providing crisp drums on top of a heavy bassline and a subtly screeching synth. In fact, just check out his whole back catalogue while you’re at it.

Four Points - Bubble Bath [Engage Audio, 2016]

Four Points are the forward-thinking collective behind Engage Audio, and aside from gathering the talent for the label from far and wide, they also create some serious tunes. Their music always focus on clean production values and groove, with this tune from their first ever release on Engage Audio being no different. ‘Bubble Bath’ launches you straight into a no-nonsense stepping groove that is perfect for any smooth rolling set.

Subtle Element  - Variance [Infidelity Records, 2017]

Subtle Element is another quickly rising artist that has released on labels such as Skankandbass and even on Break’s ‘Symmetry Selects’ compilation. This tune released on Infidelity Records pairs a steppy drum pattern with a superbly wobbly bassline that switches and mutates throughout the track.

Incus, M:Pathy & Vince Grain – Conspire [In:Deep Music, 2017]

Incus has been quickly rising up the ranks, having recently had a tune on the ‘5 Years Of Addictive Behaviour’ LP, as well as on labels like Break’s Symmetry Recordings, Sixteen Step Records, and of course Engage Audio. We love this tune however, released as a free download on the Austrian label In:Deep alongside Vince Grain and M:Pathy, who we will discuss in more detail below. A choppy drum beat sets the foundation for a minimal tune that seems to progress with ease throughout, with precise bass details and sound effects guiding you through the duration.

M:Pathy – Hektik [Freenetik Party, 2018]

Last but not least we have M:Pathy, a rising producer and DJ that we cannot wait to see smash The Cause to pieces with fellow collaborator Incus. His tune ‘Hektik’ definitely slipped under the radar, with under a thousand listens on Soundcloud - something that bears no correlation to the quality of the tune. It has an almost weightless feel to the track, with a lack of snare hits giving room for the sub-bass and subtle atmospherics to shine through, yet still causing major screwface throughout.

This has just been a small preview of what can be expected at the Engage Audio X SINE ‘Drum and Space’ night on the 5th of April. To truly take a trip into the minds of all respective producers and DJs on the lineup, check out the event on Facebook and purchase your tickets >>HERE<<