Digging Deep for SINE's 4th Birthday at FABRICLIVE

On Friday, we touch down at Fabric for the very first time, celebrating our 4th birthday alongside a plethora of incredibly talented DJs, producers and MCs. We will be taking over the deep, dark and iconic RM2, one of our favourite club spaces that we’ve encountered in our raving years here at SINE. To celebrate the diversity that will be present throughout the night, we decided to have a little dig through these artist’s back catalogues, and present to you some of their hidden gems.

This could be anything from a rare tune that you may not have heard before, a forgotten classic, or perhaps something that steers away from the style the artist is primarily known for. Check out our previous ‘Digging Deep’ article for our recent ‘Drum & Space’ event with Engage Audio here


Voltage – Satans Alley [C.I.A Recordings, 2014]

Headlining our room at Fabric is 1/3 of Kings of the Rollers and everyone’s favourite Dad, Voltage. Whilst his productions and mixes have always been saturated with diversity, his style has often become synonymous with the current ‘roller’ movement, whilst also largely leaning towards jump-up, with many solid releases on labels such as Low Down Deep and Serum’s Souped Up Records. 2014 saw him release one of his most varied EPs on the infamous C.I.A Recordings, which included everything from summery liquid, subtle Reese-heavy rollers, to the atmospheric jungle of Satans Alley. This tune has everything you want from a good old-fashioned jungle roller, from the lingering, nostalgic sounding pads in the background, to the erratic drum patterns and ominous bass synth.

Polar - High Voltage (Seba Remix) [Warm Communications, 2009]

Being one of the most respected heads in the scene, it is quite a difficult task to find a song from Seba that doesn’t have a strong connection with a group of loyal fans (despite his extensive back catalogue). This tune however, B-side to the beautiful and more eminent Seba tune ‘Dangerous Days’, is a subtle little groover that doesn’t see the light as often as much of his other music. As is often the way with his tunes, there is a distinct intermingling between soft atmospherics and a rolling bassline suited directly towards the dancefloor.

Fre4knc – Flink [Samurai Music, 2014]

This tune was released on his 2014 ‘Tellurian’ EP on Samurai Music, and it seems Fre4knc reached into the depths of hell in order to sample some if its ambiance. The tune keeps the trademark techy sound that is pushed across his extensive discography, but with a heavy jungle-influenced drum beat that is sure to rattle the ribcage of anyone in close distance.

Chris SU, Ant TC1 & Stress Level – Final Cut [Commercial Suicide, 2008]

Currently the label manager for both Dispatch and Metalheadz, Ant TC1 has also been steadily releasing his own productions throughout his career, often collaborating with friends, and often carrying a no-nonsense, heavyweight sound that channels the output of his own brainchild Dispatch. One of his earliest releases however, was a two-track single on Commercial Suicide in 2008 alongside collaborators Chris SU and Stress Level. This flip side tune takes you on a seven-minute journey, with atmospheric pads and drums that constantly evolve throughout the duration – a tune that is certainly emblematic of its era.

Villem & Mcleod - Hush [Samurai Red Seal, 2012]

Many of the newer fans to the genre will know this duo from their ‘Playing the Changes’ LP released on Spearhead Records last year, however, the duo have been putting out music together for many years now. One of the first times the two were heard together was on the B-side of Villem’s 2012 track ‘Solar Plexus’ released on Samurai Music’s ‘Red Seal’ offshoot label. ‘Hush’ is a smooth liquid roller, with luscious piano chords and intensely soulful vocals throughout – a testament at the time to what they could achieve together.

Objectiv – Obligation [Addictive Behaviour, 2018]

We chose Objectiv to play at our 4th birthday celebrations due to the quality of his productions and his rapid breakthrough into the scene, therefore a great amount of hype surrounds each of his tracks. However, one that we felt slipped under the radar is his track on the ‘5 Years of Addictive Behaviour’ LP called ‘Obligation’. His tracks often sit on the deeper, minimal/tech side of the spectrum, yet this tune cleverly switches between that and a smoother liquid sound, a side we haven’t heard as much of from the producer.

Jappa – Against The Yute [Free Download, 2018]

Another one of the young rising talents in drum and bass, Jappa has been quickly getting his name out there with releases such as the huge ‘Bad All Over’ EP on Onyx Recordings. However, he also had a host of lesser heard tracks on his Souncloud, many of which are up for free download. One that we love is ‘Against The Yute’, combining techy drums with a signature droning bassline guiding you through the track.

Artificial Intelligence & Visionobi – Stand Firm [Metalheadz, 2016]

One of our three hosts for the night, Visionobi has been a firm favourite at our events for a while due to his versatility on the mic and lyrical abilities. Over the last year or two he has featured on tracks such as GLXY and Hugh Hardie’s ‘Butterfly Effect’, as well as releasing his own four-track EP on Dispatch alongside names such as DBR and Tephra & Arkoze . However, we are choosing the stepping ‘Stand Firm’ produced by Artificial Intelligence on their 2016 Metalheadz EP – a prime example of his top-tier lyricism and flow. You’ll also be able to catch Artificial Intelligence on the night in the liquid haven of Integral Record’s RM1.

Seba & Blackeye MC – War On Music [Rupture, 2018]

Blackeye is less known for his work on recorded tracks and more for his nights hosting and MCing for some of the most renowned names in jungle and drum and bass. However, last year he featured on Seba’s ‘War On Music’, the first track on Rupture’s ‘The Fifth Column’ various artist compilation. The tune itself from Seba is a spacey jungle roller, while Blackeye complements it nicely with smooth vocals and words of wisdom. “There’s a whole world outside your own mind zone, keep searching”.

Duskee – Rolling On (Original ID: Farflow – Reminiscent)

Our final host Duskee is yet another MC that focuses massively on proper lyrical content, which has been getting him recognised by some huge names in the scene including Mr Traumatik and Hospital Records mainstay Degs. ‘Rolling On’ features him spitting some introspective bars over a liquid tune by Farflow. “Man come to two-step, plenty of sauce. I come to move heads and empty my thoughts”.

This has all been a very small glimpse into the diverse talent we have touching down in Fabric’s RM2 on Friday. Trust us when we say there is a lot more to be taken in on the night, including a closing B2B from our residents Apey and Maximous…

Check the event on Facebook for full details, and cop your last minute tickets here.