Digging Deep for SINE's 4th Birthday at FABRICLIVE

On Friday, we touch down at Fabric for the very first time, celebrating our 4th birthday alongside a plethora of incredibly talented DJs, producers and MCs. We will be taking over the deep, dark and iconic RM2, one of our favourite club spaces that we’ve encountered in our raving years here at SINE. To celebrate the diversity that will be present throughout the night, we decided to have a little dig through these artist’s back catalogues, and present to you some of their hidden gems.

This could be anything from a rare tune that you may not have heard before, a forgotten classic, or perhaps something that steers away from the style the artist is primarily known for. Check out our previous ‘Digging Deep’ article for our recent ‘Drum & Space’ event with Engage Audio here


Voltage – Satans Alley [C.I.A Recordings, 2014]

Headlining our room at Fabric is 1/3 of Kings of the Rollers and everyone’s favourite Dad, Voltage. Whilst his productions and mixes have always been saturated with diversity, his style has often become synonymous with the current ‘roller’ movement, whilst also largely leaning towards jump-up, with many solid releases on labels such as Low Down Deep and Serum’s Souped Up Records. 2014 saw him release one of his most varied EPs on the infamous C.I.A Recordings, which included everything from summery liquid, subtle Reese-heavy rollers, to the atmospheric jungle of Satans Alley. This tune has everything you want from a good old-fashioned jungle roller, from the lingering, nostalgic sounding pads in the background, to the erratic drum patterns and ominous bass synth.

Polar - High Voltage (Seba Remix) [Warm Communications, 2009]

Being one of the most respected heads in the scene, it is quite a difficult task to find a song from Seba that doesn’t have a strong connection with a group of loyal fans (despite his extensive back catalogue). This tune however, B-side to the beautiful and more eminent Seba tune ‘Dangerous Days’, is a subtle little groover that doesn’t see the light as often as much of his other music. As is often the way with his tunes, there is a distinct intermingling between soft atmospherics and a rolling bassline suited directly towards the dancefloor.

Fre4knc – Flink [Samurai Music, 2014]

This tune was released on his 2014 ‘Tellurian’ EP on Samurai Music, and it seems Fre4knc reached into the depths of hell in order to sample some if its ambiance. The tune keeps the trademark techy sound that is pushed across his extensive discography, but with a heavy jungle-influenced drum beat that is sure to rattle the ribcage of anyone in close distance.

Chris SU, Ant TC1 & Stress Level – Final Cut [Commercial Suicide, 2008]

Currently the label manager for both Dispatch and Metalheadz, Ant TC1 has also been steadily releasing his own productions throughout his career, often collaborating with friends, and often carrying a no-nonsense, heavyweight sound that channels the output of his own brainchild Dispatch. One of his earliest releases however, was a two-track single on Commercial Suicide in 2008 alongside collaborators Chris SU and Stress Level. This flip side tune takes you on a seven-minute journey, with atmospheric pads and drums that constantly evolve throughout the duration – a tune that is certainly emblematic of its era.

Villem & Mcleod - Hush [Samurai Red Seal, 2012]

Many of the newer fans to the genre will know this duo from their ‘Playing the Changes’ LP released on Spearhead Records last year, however, the duo have been putting out music together for many years now. One of the first times the two were heard together was on the B-side of Villem’s 2012 track ‘Solar Plexus’ released on Samurai Music’s ‘Red Seal’ offshoot label. ‘Hush’ is a smooth liquid roller, with luscious piano chords and intensely soulful vocals throughout – a testament at the time to what they could achieve together.

Objectiv – Obligation [Addictive Behaviour, 2018]

We chose Objectiv to play at our 4th birthday celebrations due to the quality of his productions and his rapid breakthrough into the scene, therefore a great amount of hype surrounds each of his tracks. However, one that we felt slipped under the radar is his track on the ‘5 Years of Addictive Behaviour’ LP called ‘Obligation’. His tracks often sit on the deeper, minimal/tech side of the spectrum, yet this tune cleverly switches between that and a smoother liquid sound, a side we haven’t heard as much of from the producer.

Jappa – Against The Yute [Free Download, 2018]

Another one of the young rising talents in drum and bass, Jappa has been quickly getting his name out there with releases such as the huge ‘Bad All Over’ EP on Onyx Recordings. However, he also had a host of lesser heard tracks on his Souncloud, many of which are up for free download. One that we love is ‘Against The Yute’, combining techy drums with a signature droning bassline guiding you through the track.

Artificial Intelligence & Visionobi – Stand Firm [Metalheadz, 2016]

One of our three hosts for the night, Visionobi has been a firm favourite at our events for a while due to his versatility on the mic and lyrical abilities. Over the last year or two he has featured on tracks such as GLXY and Hugh Hardie’s ‘Butterfly Effect’, as well as releasing his own four-track EP on Dispatch alongside names such as DBR and Tephra & Arkoze . However, we are choosing the stepping ‘Stand Firm’ produced by Artificial Intelligence on their 2016 Metalheadz EP – a prime example of his top-tier lyricism and flow. You’ll also be able to catch Artificial Intelligence on the night in the liquid haven of Integral Record’s RM1.

Seba & Blackeye MC – War On Music [Rupture, 2018]

Blackeye is less known for his work on recorded tracks and more for his nights hosting and MCing for some of the most renowned names in jungle and drum and bass. However, last year he featured on Seba’s ‘War On Music’, the first track on Rupture’s ‘The Fifth Column’ various artist compilation. The tune itself from Seba is a spacey jungle roller, while Blackeye complements it nicely with smooth vocals and words of wisdom. “There’s a whole world outside your own mind zone, keep searching”.

Duskee – Rolling On (Original ID: Farflow – Reminiscent)

Our final host Duskee is yet another MC that focuses massively on proper lyrical content, which has been getting him recognised by some huge names in the scene including Mr Traumatik and Hospital Records mainstay Degs. ‘Rolling On’ features him spitting some introspective bars over a liquid tune by Farflow. “Man come to two-step, plenty of sauce. I come to move heads and empty my thoughts”.

This has all been a very small glimpse into the diverse talent we have touching down in Fabric’s RM2 on Friday. Trust us when we say there is a lot more to be taken in on the night, including a closing B2B from our residents Apey and Maximous…

Check the event on Facebook for full details, and cop your last minute tickets here.

Drum & Space Official Preview

Once in a blue moon, we see those nights in which extra effort has really been pushed into making it an unforgettable experience, and this is definitely the case with ‘Drum & Space’.  With only days until lift-off, we decided to tease you all with some insights into what is making this such a special night, including a chat with Engage Audio, and some exclusive pictures of the set design from Fables Creative.

Of course, at the heart of it all is the music. Across the two fully immersive rooms the line-up is packed with drum and bass heavyweights and familiar faces, as well as some fresh up-and-coming talent within the scene. Main room ‘The Vessel’ we will see the likes of Ulterior Motive, Commix, Nymfo, Bredren b2b Philth, Tyrone, Data 3 as well as the respective Engage Audio/SINE DJs, Four Points and Apey. Meanwhile ‘Planet 51’ will be getting seriously deep with Hyroglifics, Arkaik, Klinical, Subtle Element, Incus b2b M:Pathy, HYNZE, and Leo. As if this wasn’t enough, there will be a plethora of quality hosts and MCs to help guide us on our voyage including Joe Raygun, Peas, Subliminal MC, Matt Freeman and Soup.

Whilst we won’t be going into too much depth on the music in this article, check out our previous one in which we looked at lesser known songs from all of the producers mentioned above. Now, let’s get down to it…

The Venue

Based in Tottenham, The Cause is one of London’s rising new venues with a feel and motive that harks back to original rave culture. Essentially, it is a temporary venue and community project within what used to be a car depot, providing a space in which to celebrate London’s diverse and burgeoning electronic music scene, as well as supporting local businesses and start-ups. They are also working with various mental health charities, in an attempt to both raise awareness and money for organisations such as Mind, Help Musicians UK, and CALM.

Despite it’s relatively intimate atmosphere, the location and industrial feel to the architecture make it the perfect venue for Drum & Space. One of the most striking features is a solid concrete, caged DJ booth in the middle of the main club area (‘The Vessel’ in Friday’s case), in which ravers can freely move around and feel a connection to the music. Of course, for this event we will see a serious transformation take place here, with Fables helping to turn this DJ booth into a rocket ship… not something you see every weekend.

Much like the rest of the venue, the ‘Core Soundystem’ has also been custom built on-site by friends of The Cause. The whole space is truly a collaborative effort, and allows for the passion to shine through to the events, and ultimately the music. In their own words,

The site is an eco-system, constantly evolving and built upon trading skills, space and talent all giving birth to a truly unique grass roots space.


The Promoters

Engage Audio are a relatively small yet rapidly growing label with an admirable level of passion towards the deeper side of drum and bass. The last two years has seen releases from artists such as Incus & M:Pathy, Subtle Element, as well as the collective behind the label Four Points, all of whom will be rolling out on Friday. It was a no-brainer for us to team up with a label that share our passion for quality, forward thinking drum and bass, and we can’t wait to show you what we have planned.

Before the event on Friday, we decided to ask them a few questions in order to find out more about the team behind Engage, as well as the idea behind Drum & Space:

Four Points in action

Four Points in action

First of all, could you tell us a little bit about how you guys met, and why you decided to start Engage Audio?

We were all friends from hanging around St Albans whilst growing up. There was quite a large group of people our age that would hang around back then and get up to all sorts which then progressed to weekly raving across London and wherever the best nights were. Then it was Djing, and eventually into producing and starting Engage Audio.

As for the reasons behind starting Engage, I guess we just came to a point where we wanted to try and get more involved in the scene after enjoying it for so many years, along with the ambitions of playing out to big stages and trying to create something that will remain in the scene if that makes sense!

This night is shaping up to be huge, with a line-up full of drum and bass heavyweights and a fully unique set design from Fables. Have you had much experience with putting on events before, or is this a new venture for you?

It’s not an entirely new venture, however this is the biggest to date for us. We've had involvement with smaller scale parties as Paradub in Birmingham which Alex looked after, as well as an Outlook launch party in St.Albans which was one to remember with DBridge; these are going right back to 2012/13 though! More recently we did the Engage Launch party with Synkronised in July last year and now we’re onto this and have much more planned for the future.

What was the idea behind the space theme?

We wanted to bring something slightly different into the dark and dirty drum and bass scene we all love. With the space theme we are able to link the darkness with some light and that being a more immersive experience that will hopefully make the night that little bit more enjoyable.

We are all firm believers at Engage that the D&B scene is underrated in comparison to other genres; it almost seems to have this stigma that could put people off of trying a drum and bass night, and with putting on events like this we hope to change this and try and bridge that gap.

You are of course also the team behind drum and bass act Four Points. What can we expect from your set at Drum & Space?

We like to play fast paced sets getting through at least 40 tracks in an hour; when we are behind the decks we are both always doing something! As we are playing quite early, wer’e not sure we will follow this exact plan, however expect a nice deep rolling start to what we hope will be a special night. Oh, and some new bits from ourselves!

Now, we have to ask. What’s in store for the future of Engage?

More music, More parties with massive line ups and more custom set designs!

The Set

This is one element of clubbing that we don’t see as much as we’d like. Whilst it has quickly become the norm at festivals such as Boomtown, Illusive or even Glastonbury, immersive stage and set designs are less common in clubs, especially in the drum and bass scene. Whilst the music itself is enough as it is (after all, this is the primary reason we go to these nights), having a custom-built, themed set can add an extra layer of immersion and enjoyment for all the ravers and artists alike.

To help with Engage’s intergalactic vision, they’ve hired the help of ‘Fables Creative’, a company based in Birmingham that focus on creating unique, hand-crafted installations for nightclubs and festivals around the UK. They have created stages at festivals such as Houghton, El Dorado and Farr, as well as transforming the rooftop of East London’s Queen of Hoxton into a 1920s cabaret club. Never bounded by any preconceived theme or ideas, they have constantly let their creative minds flow free and created some of the most striking installations out there.

The creative output of Fables combined with the already inspired setting of the Cause has formed a truly unique raving space, and we can’t wait for you all to see it in person. Whilst we don’t want to give too much away, we hope these photos will give you a small glimpse into what you can expect on the night.

Grab your tickets while you can >>HERE<<


Digging Deep for 'Drum and Space' with Engage Audio

On the 5th of April, we are teaming up with Engage Audio to bring you an exploration into uncharted territories of drum and bass. Across two rooms of the warehouse vibe-laden venue ‘The Cause’, we are hosting some of the most renowned and sought after names in the scene, as well as heaps of impressive new talent.

To celebrate the launch of this line up, we have dug deep in order to bring to light some quality music from a selection of the artists playing on the night. However, instead of just choosing our favourite tunes from said artists, we have focused on songs that perhaps aren’t as well known as the ‘Be True’s and ‘Hey Judas’s of this world. Where possible, we have also tried to focus on tunes that perhaps steer slightly away from the usual style the producer is known for (Bredren, on a footwork hype you say?!). There is such a rich variety of music present within the line up and we hope this following list gives you a sneak peak of the night ahead...

Ulterior Motive - Yogurt Brainwave [Subtitles, 2010]

Released on Teebee’s ‘Subtitles’ imprint, this delightfully named song steers away from the usual style the duo are known for, and instead steps deep into funkville. The song bounces away throughout its 6 minute duration with what must surely be one of the wobbliest sub-basses in existence.

Commix - Undisco [Liquid V, 2005]

This was originally released on Liquid V’s ‘Club Sessions EP Part 1’ on vinyl in 2005, and then released on CD and digitally as part of the ‘10 Years of Liquid V’ compilation in 2014. The song saw Commix (at the time a duo) reach for funk and disco influences, and to this date is one of the more unique songs of theirs that often misses people’s radars.

Nymfo - Oblivion Dreams [Commercial Suicide, 2014]

This one appeared back in 2014 on a Commercial Suicide EP alongside ‘Headbangers Ball’ and ‘Beep’, two hefty rolling tracks that are synonymous with Nymfo’s signature sound. ‘Oblivion Dreams’, however, is a song that sits more within the liquid side of things, with spacey keys and a smooth bassline that would lead to many ‘eyes closed and lost in the music’ moments in the rave.

Dexta & Bredren - Get Stupid (Tony The Tiger) [Diffrent Music, 2014]

Bredren teamed up with Diffrnt Music head honcho Dexta for this one, and the interesting collaboration led to a heavily footwork-influenced halftime tune. Bredren are usually known for their distinct style of minimal, clean-cut drum and bass, so it is interesting hearing them use their creative production on a wonkier flex.

Altered Perception & Zach Herer - The Rain (Philth Remix) [Terabyte Records, 2014]

This one is a masterclass in how to tastefully remix an already sublime tune, with Philth adding his own subtle touch that brings powerful atmospherics to the euphoric liquid song. Whilst the tune had a solid reception, it is still one that slipped under the radar slightly in our opinion. Philth will be going b2b with Bredren on the 5th of April, and we cannot wait to what their combined powers will bring, especially with their huge recent EP together on Flexout Audio.

Doctor Jeep - Vault Of Glass (Hyroglifics Remix) [BTG, 2018]

Released on Vinyl only, Hyroglifics remixed a broken-techno 130bpm tune from multi-genre producer Doctor Jeep, and fashioned it into a tune that somehow resembles techno as much as it does footwork and drum and bass. Due to it being released on Vinyl, it is a tune that I have yet to hear be played out, yet it seeps innovation and atmosphere in a way many tunes don’t quite manage to.

Nativ - Half A Gram (Arkaik Remix) [Skutta Records, 2014]

This one is a true hidden gem. A moody intro leads towards a halftime drop that intermittently introduces the eerie sounding synth from the original Nativ tune. After a quick break however, the song launches into a full-time minimal extravaganza that is typical of the producer. The way this song progresses throughout its entirety is admirable, even teasing some breaks towards the latter end.

Tyrone - Cyberdyne Symphony [Proximity Recordings, 2014]

Perhaps known most recently by his Metalheadz EP alongside Jubei ‘The Saboteur’, this is a man that has some tricks under his sleeve. One of these is ‘Cyberdyne Symphony’, a song released on a various artists compilation from Proximity Recordings in 2014. Sci-fi imagery is conjured up as the deep synth-led intro builds and builds, before being thrusted into a weighty halftime drop with beefy drums and a bassline to match.

Mystic State vs Data 3 - Spirit Matter [Addictive Behaviour, 2017]

Data 3 have a wider back catalogue than most may think, ranging from their bootlegs of artists from Chase & Status to John B (although this remains a dub), to their releases on labels like Flexout Audio and Shogun Audio. This half liquid/half deep roller was released as part of the ‘Mystic State Versus’ EP on Addictive Behaviour, an EP that saw rising stars Mystic State collaborate with artists like themselves, Philth, Detail and Wingz.

Klinical - Blame [Free Download, 2016]

Klinical is another one of many current rising talents in the drum and bass scene, with recent tunes being recognised on Noisia Radio, as well as having releases on labels like Skankandbass and Lifestyle Music. Even his minimal tune ‘Blame’ however, which was released as a free download in the Christmas of 2016, is of utmost quality, providing crisp drums on top of a heavy bassline and a subtly screeching synth. In fact, just check out his whole back catalogue while you’re at it.

Four Points - Bubble Bath [Engage Audio, 2016]

Four Points are the forward-thinking collective behind Engage Audio, and aside from gathering the talent for the label from far and wide, they also create some serious tunes. Their music always focus on clean production values and groove, with this tune from their first ever release on Engage Audio being no different. ‘Bubble Bath’ launches you straight into a no-nonsense stepping groove that is perfect for any smooth rolling set.

Subtle Element  - Variance [Infidelity Records, 2017]

Subtle Element is another quickly rising artist that has released on labels such as Skankandbass and even on Break’s ‘Symmetry Selects’ compilation. This tune released on Infidelity Records pairs a steppy drum pattern with a superbly wobbly bassline that switches and mutates throughout the track.

Incus, M:Pathy & Vince Grain – Conspire [In:Deep Music, 2017]

Incus has been quickly rising up the ranks, having recently had a tune on the ‘5 Years Of Addictive Behaviour’ LP, as well as on labels like Break’s Symmetry Recordings, Sixteen Step Records, and of course Engage Audio. We love this tune however, released as a free download on the Austrian label In:Deep alongside Vince Grain and M:Pathy, who we will discuss in more detail below. A choppy drum beat sets the foundation for a minimal tune that seems to progress with ease throughout, with precise bass details and sound effects guiding you through the duration.

M:Pathy – Hektik [Freenetik Party, 2018]

Last but not least we have M:Pathy, a rising producer and DJ that we cannot wait to see smash The Cause to pieces with fellow collaborator Incus. His tune ‘Hektik’ definitely slipped under the radar, with under a thousand listens on Soundcloud - something that bears no correlation to the quality of the tune. It has an almost weightless feel to the track, with a lack of snare hits giving room for the sub-bass and subtle atmospherics to shine through, yet still causing major screwface throughout.

This has just been a small preview of what can be expected at the Engage Audio X SINE ‘Drum and Space’ night on the 5th of April. To truly take a trip into the minds of all respective producers and DJs on the lineup, check out the event on Facebook and purchase your tickets >>HERE<<

Artists to watch out for in 2019

After our last article looked back at 2018 and everything our beloved genre brought us, we decided it would only be appropriate to look forward and choose a selection of artists that we believe will smash 2019. The list contains a mix of both newer producers that you may not have heard of, and more recognisable names that are on track to make 2019 their biggest year to date. This dynamic is something we embrace within drum and bass, with success being purely dependent of talent, allowing newcomers to break through the scene within a matter of months.

Visages @ Fabric

Visages @ Fabric

Our resident Apey has recently put together the first of many monthly podcasts for SINE, in which you can hear many of the artists from the list (including some serious dubs), as well as an interview from the OG Digital. You can listen to that all here:

  • Grey Code

It may seem odd for the first artist on this list to be one that has released on labels like MethLab, Dispatch and now Metalheadz, as well as having recently played room 1 in Fabric for the latter label’s Christmas party. However, this young producer has been showing constant flair throughout his productions, with each release quickly developing upon his own synth heavy, atmospheric style of drum and bass. His latest EP has only just been released on Metalheadz and is arguably his most impressive yet, however, it will certainly not be the peak of his career.

SINE’s pick:

  • Missin

Missin (previously known as Missing) has developed a wholly unique style of deep, progressive drum and bass that has been causing a stir recently among some of the bigger names in the scene, including the likes of Noisia. The track ‘Unknown’, released on Mystic State’s Chikara Project imprint, is a prime example of the superbly clean production and forward thinking attitude to the genre that the Serbian producer is bringing. Each and every track is of the upmost quality, and we predict big things to come from him this year.  

SINE’s pick:

  • Data 3

Data 3 have rapidly become one of our favourite drum and bass artists here at SINE, with their tune ‘Fractil’ making it into our top 5 tunes of 2018. The last year saw them release the huge ‘Tyrant’ EP on Flexout Audio, as well as landing slots on compilations from the likes of Shogun Audio, Ram Records and Drum&BassArena. We also witnessed them lay down a weighty set in Flexout Audio’s room 2 takeover of our latest warehouse rave, something we will not be forgetting for a while. They have left a serious impression on drum and bass fans all over the world during the past 12 months with their deep, synth-laden sound, and we can’t wait to hear what 2019 brings.

SINE’s pick:

  • Kusp

Occasionally you see a name that pops up seemingly out of nowhere, bearing tunes of upmost quality and originality, wondering just where on earth they came from. This happened for us with Kusp, a producer that was recently recognised by Lynx, and in turn asked to release a debut album on his label Detail Recordings. Before the album was released in November, he had some smaller releases with labels like Context Audio, as well as some self-released free downloads like his screw face inducing bootleg of Ocean Wisdom’s ‘I Ain’t Eaten’. It was the ‘Arashi’ LP that shot him into the limelight however, channelling everything from the liquid sounds of ‘Moments’ with Edward Oberon, to the spaced-out halftime beats of ‘Shadowed’.

SINE’s pick:

  • Particle

It is quality over quantity with this up-and-coming young producer, with only two other official releases since his first double release on Skankandbass’s free download series. Each release has already been highly received from both bedroom and professional DJs around the world, from the bouncy roller ‘Got You’, to the heavy jungle feel of ‘Silo’ on the latest Serial Killaz compilation. However, many of us will know Particle from the widely circulating videos of his unreleased ‘Original Nuttah’ bootleg, seen here being played by the man himself S.P.Y.  

SINE’s pick:

  • SubMarine

Despite having released music for a couple of years before this, 2018 was by far SubMarine’s biggest year to date, with huge solo EPs on both Dispatch Recordings and Alix Perez’s 1985 Music. The music across these two releases showed incredible growth, with his flexible and unique production skills clear on both. Entering 2019 with these releases already under his belt, as well as with constant support from Alix Perez and his rising label, we can only see this being an even bigger year for the versatile producer.

SINE’s pick:

  • Visages

Visages is made up of four producers from the French city of Toulouse, individually known as Ak:Hash, Midn8Runner, Dask and Euk. Due to them already being solid producers individually, they have managed to sneak into the scene with apparent ease, with their first production (an R&B-tinged liquid remix of Serayah‘s ‘You Told me’) making its way onto Soundcloud in June last year. Since then, they have already released on Impact Music, Dispatch Recordings, Flexout Audio and Skankandbass. If they have managed this in such a short space of time, who knows what they will be manage to achieve in this coming year?

SINE’s pick:

  • Ground

Ground is a producer from Switzerland that has been creating some of the cleanest and most mind-boggling productions on the minimal side of the genre. Over the last year, he has released on heavyweight labels such as Flexout Audio, Dispatch Recordings and most recently Noisia’s Invisible imprint. Whilst these are huge accolades, the name remained for a while somewhere on the outskirts of the genre, however this already appears to be changing.

SINE’s pick:

  • Dilemma

Whilst a name that may not be known to many right now, we predict that this will be a big year for the Brighton-based producer. Her smooth brand of liquid has already seen support from the likes of BCee and Calibre, as well as having released on labels last year such as Soulvent and Random Movement’s Flight Pattern Records. This year has seen her play a set at Soul In Motion, as well as confirm bookings at clubs like Fabric and most impressively, the respective main stages of Hospitality’s Summer BBQ and Hospitality On The Beach.

SINE’s pick:

  • AC13

Whether through his array of bootlegs of artists from Flowdan to Fugees, or his wealth of unreleased dubs, this is a producer that has caused a huge stir in no time at all. His musical approach sits somewhere in the middle of minimal, rollers, and to an extent jump-up, yet always focuses primarily on causing absolute destruction on any dancefloor. Despite only starting to release music in 2018, he has already gained recognition from the likes of T>I and Ray Keith, and has had releases on labels such as Onyx Recordings, Gyro Records and soon-to-be Soulvent. Definitely one to keep your eye on.

SINE’s pick:

  • OaT

Standing for ‘Only a Transition’, this German producer is yet another whose name has yet to reach most people’s radar. His output over the last year has been astonishing, with a myriad of releases on labels such as Fragmented Recordings, Boey Audio, and most recently on the 5 Years of Addictive Behaviour LP. His music focuses largely on the darker end of the spectrum, with no fear of experimentation.

SINE’s pick:

  • Telomic

Telomic has a unique ability to seamlessly switch his productions between spine-tingling liquid to murky rollers, and he has been on our radar at SINE for a while because of this. He has released on labels such as Celcius Recordings, Terra Firma, and Liquicity’s sister label Galacy, as well as constantly having an array of exclusives and dubs at the ready. Interestingly, Telomic is already an established name in the EDM scene under the name of Elliot Berger, and something tells us 2018 may do the same for him in drum and bass.

SINE’s Pick

SINE's 2018 DnB Round-up

There is always a concern in drum and bass, just like with any genre, that we will never surpass ‘the good old days’, that nothing will beat the raw edge of the pre-2000’s sound. However, whilst some may decide to completely ignore new entries to the genre and bask in the warmth of their original pressing of Alex Reese’s ‘Pulp Fiction’, we believe we have witnessed one of the most exciting years in drum and bass in a long time.

The Music

At the heart of it all is the music, and we certainly been spoilt for choice over the last 12 months. Not only have we had a huge influx of new producers and DJs that are currently shaping the scene, but we have also had some game changing releases from highly respected and established names. We have seen full length albums from the likes of Break, Skeptical, and dBridge, as well as watching newer labels such as 1985 Music or The North Quarter carve their unique place into the scene.

With great difficulty, we have picked out 5 tunes (in no particular order) that really stood out to us in terms of the quality, feel and wider impact they caused.

Spirit - Interval

Released on Dispatch back in May as part of ‘The Fourth Cycle’ EP, this tune is special for many reasons. Whilst Spirit has largely been known for his heavier cuts such as ‘Phantom Force’ with Digital or ‘Untitled MCR’ with the late Marcus Intalex, this tune saw him bring out a more melodic, and outright emotional liquid tune. The tune had been circling around for a long time before the official release, and after his unfortunate passing in August this year, the tune brought on a whole new meaning. Anyone at this year’s Sun and Bass will have heard this tune doing the rounds, and we hope the tune will continue spread his legacy for years to come.

LSB - Tripped

This one caused a stir from the beginning, with videos of the then unreleased tune circulating like wildfire on social media. LSB was probably not the name people were expecting to be attached to this deep track, with it being reminiscent of tunes in the earlier techstep days of drum and bass. This was released as part of his ‘A New Day’ EP, the first release on his brand new label Footnotes. Mostly known for his euphoric liquid, this tune encouraged a new side of LSB’s music, one that can also be seen in the later released ‘Potshot’. Tripped wins by a very small margin for us however.

Monty - Error 31000

Monty has been one of the rising stars of drum and bass for the last couple of years, and an artist that we have thoroughly enjoyed following at SINE (anyone catch him destroy Hoxton Basement at our warehouse rave in March?). 2018 has been a huge year for the producer, with his music often finding a home within Alix Perez’s 1985 Music, one of our favourite new labels. This tune however, was released on Melbourne-based Plasma Audio, and is the perfect example of Montys signature techy sound, with some of the crispest drums in the game. Never falling to repetition, the squelching bassline and synth constantly transforms and mutates throughout the five minute track in a fashion somewhat akin to techno. That second drop though...

Benny L - Skysteppa

Another artist that has been taking the scene by storm recently is Benny L, and someone that we were delighted to have play at the first of our warehouse sessions in 2017. Central to the heavily debated ‘roller’ sound that has been one of the most highly debated topics in drum and bass this year, Benny L has been creating some of the beefiest sounds we’ve heard in a while. 2017 saw ‘Low Blow’ released on Metalheadz, a tune that caught Goldie’s attention in no time, and one that helped to finally bring together the jungle purists and newer drum and bass fans. Benny L returned to Metalheadz in August with the ‘Summoned’ EP, once again pushing his gritty take on the new-age ‘roller’ sound. ‘Skysteppa’ however, saw him lean closer towards the jungle side of things, blending his heavy bass with a nostalgic Metalheadz twist.

Data 3 - Fractil

Finally, we have a tune from Data 3, a trio aptly named after a key of an Axiom keyboard. Released on Flexout Audio in September, the ‘Tyrant’ EP helped to develop their signature sound a whole level further, with ‘Fractil’ keeping the ‘Stranger Things’/80s synth vibes previously seen in their ‘Something Strange’ EP on Addictive Behaviour. Sitting somewhere in between liquid and the deeper end of the spectrum, this tune brings a unique energy to any club or rave. The Data 3 boys absolutely smashed their set as part of the Flexout Audio takeover at our most recent warehouse event, and we expect big things to come from these lot in the future.

The Events

Focusing here on club nights and one-day festivals, we have decided upon five of the top events of 2018. Once again, with so many quality ones to pick from it has not been an easy task.

Andy C All Night @ Wembley Arena

Photo Credit: Andrew J Attah

Photo Credit: Andrew J Attah

Combine one of the most hardworking and talented DJs in the scene with a sold out Wembley Arena and an all night slot, and you get perhaps the standout moment of all of 2018. The RAM Records head honcho and drum and bass icon rolled out for five whole hours in his unique style, digging out tunes from all corners of the genre, and from all eras. Where else do you get to witness someone double drop ‘Inner City Life’ with Benny L’s unreleased ‘Vanta Black’?

Hospitality in the Park @ Finsbury Park

Photo Credit: Gary Jones

Photo Credit: Gary Jones

Hospitality pulled out all the stops for this one-day festival, filling the surprisingly small space in Finsbury park with a lineup of sheer magnitude. The Hospitality tent was jam-packed with familiar faces from the label, from Kings of the Rollers, to High Contrast and his live band. The diversity of the festival truly shone throughout the rest of the six stages however, with a huge array of sets from the likes of LTJ Bukem, Breakage, Goldie, Alix Perez b2b Monty, and many more. Even the delightful British weather didn’t bring the vibes down.

Critical @ E1

Photo Credit: Khali Ackford

Photo Credit: Khali Ackford

Whilst Critical provided the weight in room one with huge sets from the likes of Halogenix, Benny L b2b T>I, and Hazard, 1985 Music took over room two with a lineup including Perez himself, Chimpo and Monty. The newly refurbed E1 (previously known as Studio Spaces, where we held the first of our warehouse raves) was an idyllic setting for the event, with the infamous wall of speakers helping to create one of the most impressive sound systems in London. The only real downside was having to decide between two hours of Alix Perez, or Kasra b2b Enei followed by Serum…

20 Years Of Virus Pt. 2 @ Steel Yard

Photo Credit: AppsPhotography

Photo Credit: AppsPhotography

This was a long awaited event for many after part 1 in February, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The night was heavy from start to finish, with huge sets from the likes of Mefjus, InsideInfo and a 2 hour b2b from Ed Rush & Optical. However, the highlight was the special guest set from none other than Andy C, who steered away from the commercial side that people often fear from him, and instead laid down one of the most brain melting sets we’ve ever seen him play.

SINE Warehouse Sessions Pt. 3 @ Hangar

Photo Credit: Cathy Whatever

Photo Credit: Cathy Whatever

We couldn’t help put this one in here. So much work went into our final event of the year, and we hope that you all enjoyed it as much as we did. Having DRS join LTJ Bukem for one of the first times in 20 years was something we will won’t be forgetting in a hurry, bringing a one of a kind vibe to the incredible new venue. On top of this, we had our resident DJs absolutely smash their sets, as well as witnessing Flexout Audio throwing down one of the best room 2 takeovers we’ve seen in a long time.  

And a bit from us at SINE

Photo Credit: Luke Baker

Photo Credit: Luke Baker

2018 has been huge for us here at SINE, having proudly held three of our most successful events to date throughout the year. We have been lucky enough to host some of our all time favourite DJs/producers, including (but not limited to) LTJ Bukem, Bladerunner, T>I, SpectraSoul, Bryan Gee, Total Science, GLXY, Lenzman, Halogenix and Monty, as well as MCs and hosts such as DRS, Visionobi, Tali, and Stamina MC. We have also managed to host these events at venues that we hold close to our heart, from the newly refurbished Hangar, to one of our favourite venues Styx - one that will sadly be closing its doors very soon.

A strong sense of community is something we always seek out at SINE, and we have loved watching our small family grow into something much bigger. From our resident DJs, to our group of loyal fans that help to spread and build our brand, we couldn’t be more thankful to all of you!

10 Essential DnB raves this Christmas

The days are getting colder, but the nights are only getting stronger. We’ve compiled a list of essential drum and bass events in London this Christmas, each providing a slightly different flavour. The events range from relatively small nights ran by newer labels in the scene, to some of the biggest labels throwing down huge celebrations. I think we can all agree that 2018 has been a mighty year for drum and bass, so we may as well see it out in style…

1.12: 20 Years of Virus - Pt. 2 at The Steel Yard

Photo credit: AppsPhotography

Photo credit: AppsPhotography

Often seen as the label that started neurofunk, Virus Recordings have been smashing it out for a solid 20 years now. Founded by Ed Rush in 1998, the label has continually pushed boundaries in the darker side of drum and bass, and it only seems right to celebrate this with a huge rave at The Steel Yard. February saw the first installment of this celebration, with huge sets from the likes of Ed Rush & Optical, Audio, and a room 2 takeover from Soul In Motion. Virus are set to send ravers back into the wormhole in December, with a lineup including Mefjus, The Upbeats, a Trendkill Records takeover, and a few super secret special guests. The Steel Yard Nightclub, Allhallows Ln, London EC4R 3UE. Tickets: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1132450

2.12: Soul In Motion - Sunday Series

Soul In Motion

Soul In Motion has made a name for itself as one of London’s top drum and bass night for the true heads. Ran by Need For Mirrors and Bailey, the night itself was named after one of Krust’s tracks, due to  the former’s love for the iconic producer. They consistently put out cleverly thought out lineups every week or two, utilising some of the most unique club spaces in London. Alongside the two residents, you can expect sets from Jubei, JJ Frost, Voltage, Flight, Phil Tangent and Itoa. Oh… and this is all happening early on a Sunday evening, so you can be back at home wrapped up in bed by 11pm. 93 Feet East, 150 Brick Ln, Shoreditch, London E1 6QL. Tickets: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1185093

7.12: Technicality: International Edition at The Cause


Technicality is a night that focuses on lineups representing a more niche, underground vision of both D&B and jungle. Ran by the head of Inperspective Records, the lineup consists of himself (Chris Inperspective), alongside less represented artists from around the globe including Profane, Lynch Kingsley, Phuture-t and more. This night is taking place at The Cause, one of the most exciting club spaces of late that sees the DJ play within a cage in the centre of the room. The Cause, Ashley House, Ashley Rd, Tottenham Hale, London N17 9LZ. Tickets: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1145075

8.12: Critical Music Presents: Critical Sound x 1985 Music - London at E1


Taking place at one of London’s newest and most exciting rave spaces, Critical Sound are teaming up with Alix Perez’s 1985 Music to put on an unforgettable night. Hardly in need of an introduction, Critical Music have been one of the biggest driving forces in drum and bass since 2002, and their club nights are no different. The lineup is pure weight, with too many names to mention in this short summary. Expect a huge variety of drum and bass, with room 1 acts including label owner Kasra b2b with Enei, Serum, Benny L b2b T>I, DJ Hazard, and many more. Meanwhile, the 1985 takeover in room 2 will see Perez himself alongside Chimpo, Monty and Tim Parker, all hosted by the mighty SP:MC. E1 London, Unit 2, 110 Pennington St, St Katharine's & Wapping, London, E1W 2BB. Tickets: https://www.tickettannoy.com/event/0YVNrS49hkepPGBXpvtXsQ?u=Jp7gr0PjnkW5WqhNxpHREg

14.12: Metalheadz Christmas Special at Fabric

Doc Scott

Fabriclive is one of the most renowned drum and bass nights out there, and their lineup for this Christmas is one of the most jam-packed we’ve seen in a while. With Fabric’s room 3 recently opening again, it has allowed for these lineups to grow ever-more diverse and impactful, with this Christmas special seeing room takeovers from Metalheadz, Dispatch and Flexout. With names such as Randall, Ant TC1, and QZB, as well as some intriguing pairings such as Om Unit b2b Doc Scott and DLR b2b Black Barrell, this is seriously one not to be missed. Fabric, 77A Charterhouse St, Clerkenwell, London EC1M 6HJ. Tickets: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1134992

15.12: Hospitality London: Christmas Special! at Studio 338

Photo credit: Gary Jones

Photo credit: Gary Jones

Running from 6pm to 6am, London’s latest fix of Hospitality’s positive vibe-filled club night is going to be a special one. With this being the first night event in London they have held in over two years, Hospitality have wisely chosen the stunning Studio 338 to hold this Christmas special. They are even equipping it with an outdoor Christmas market where you can grab gifts, festive food and some ‘mulled Whiney’ (let’s hope this is just a play on words). Room one will see sets from label owner London Elektricity, S.P.Y, Fabio, LSB and many more, whilst their sister label Med School will be taking over room 2. Make sure to catch our resident Sweetpea at this one! Studio 338, 338 Boord St, London SE10 0PF. Tickets: SOLD OUT

22.12: Boomerang presents: Ice Cold Sounds at Corsica Studios


Whilst on a smaller scale than some of the other nights on this list, it will by no means be lacking in quality. To the more intimate Corsica Studios, liquid D&B label Boomerang Records will be bringing with them Need For Mirrors, The Vanguard Project (Bcee & Villem) and Satl. All three of these artists will be playing 90 minute sets, something often amiss at many nights nowadays. Expect plenty of warming liquid vibes during this one. Corsica Studios, 4/5 Elephant Rd, London SE17 1LB. Tickets: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1184791

26.12: Hot Cakes presents: Dubshotta at Brixton Jamm

45669369_2084354261622291_769983818223321088_n (1).jpg

If you are in need of your D&B fix after a cosy Christmas and Boxing Day, then this may well be for you. Hot Cakes team up with Benny Page’s label and club night Dubshotta to create a ragga D&B and jungle fueled lineup of General Levy, Benny Page & Sweetie Irie, Ed Solo, Nicky Blackmarket b2b Aries, Ragga Twins and more. Brixton Jamm, 261 Brixton Rd, London SW9 6LH. Tickets: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1187341

28.12: RAM Xmas at E1

Photo credit: Gobinder Jhitta

Photo credit: Gobinder Jhitta

RAM Records have been known to put on some huge Christmas parties over the years, having hosting weighty lineups at clubs such as Fabric, Matter and The End. This one, taking place at the exciting new E1, boasts a lineup of names such as Camo & Krooked, Calyx & TeeBee b2b Circuits (Kasra & InsideInfo), and a UK debut from the mysterious newcomer Raiser. On top of this, there will be a room 2 takeover from the liquid label High Tea Music, with sets from the likes of T & Sugah and Monrroe. E1 London, Unit 2, 110 Pennington St, St Katharine's & Wapping, London, E1W 2BB. Tickets: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1170138

31.12: Breakin Science NYE at Great Suffolk Street Warehouse

Breakin Science.jpg

Expect an all out D&B and jungle showdown as Breaking Science team up with Moondance and Epidemik for their New Year’s Eve party. Breakin Science are well known for fast-paced rave atmospheres and consistently huge lineups, with this night being one of their biggest yet. Expect everything from jump-up, to rollers, to jungle with acts such as Serum, Shadow Demon Coalition, Benny L, Fabio & Grooverider, Randall, and… well the list goes on. Great Suffolk Street Warehouse, 29 Great Suffolk St, London SE1 0NS. Tickets: https://www.deftickets.co.uk/events/breakin-science-moondance-epidemik-present-nye-2018-31-12-2018

Essential Christmas Rave Gear

To keep you warm during this icy rave season, we have recently released our SINE Christmas jumpers. As warm as they are festive, they are perfect for going out to raves or as Christmas presents for your mates (or maybe even yourself). They are currently available in all sizes in either Red/Green or Black/Gold for the price of £35. Grab them HERE while you can and be the talk of the rave this Winter.


SINE's Warehouse Selections - Top 5 Dubs

Ahead of the SINE warehouse rave in November, we have decided to compile a list of our top 5 unreleased tunes from the artists soon to be gracing the decks. 


A 'dubplate' originally referred to the pressing of an exclusive tune onto a 10" acetate disk, largely in the reggae, dancehall and dub scenes. These tracks were one-off's often attributed to a certain sound system, and therefore used in sound clashes to 'battle' their opponents. Quickly dubplates spread into a vast array of other underground genres including jungle, and subsequently drum and bass. 

Whilst we have somewhat moved away from dubplates in their physical form, with vinyls being replaced for ever shrinking USB sticks, the 'dub' remains as important as ever. The songs below have been specially selected by us at SINE for both their quality, and their impact in the wider drum and bass scene. 

Commix – Be True (Data 3 Bootleg)

Our first pick comes from Data 3, made up of Harry Bryson (one half of Pola and Bryson), Dan Hartley (Mark Dinimal) and Alex Kostyakov. Whilst it is often argued that a classic should be left alone, in some cases this just isn’t true. The fast-rising Data 3 boys have put a crisp modern take on a tune that has been destroying raves for over ten years now. We cannot wait to get this trio on the decks with their blend of deep and liquid influenced tunes.

Satl – Bravehearts (feat. Dan Stezo)

Next up we have a tune from Satl, who will be teaming up with Ill Truth on the night for a huge b2b. Dan Stezo’s pensive vocals sit on top of a dark stepping beat, creating the murkiest of atmospheres. Having been closely circulated between DJs for a while now, we can't wait to hear it boom through the warehouse in November. 

Amoss - Speed Shades

Despite the recent departure of one half of Amoss, the now solo producer shows no sign of slowing down. Being tested out by the man himself at this years Dimensions festival, this track rolls in the typical Amoss fashion, deep and dangerous with a roaring bassline that is sure to destroy dancefloors for years to come. Check out the sweet shades too.

Renegade – Terrorist (T>I Remix)

Bringing one of the most iconic jungle tunes from Ray Keith back to life, T>I’s remix has been in close circulation for a long time now. According to a video on Facebook from Ray Keith himself, we are going to have to wait till 2019 for this huge remix to released on Dread Recordings. For now, we will have to wait and witness T>I play b2b with Bladerunner, a roller heavy set that will be sure to leave the warehouse in pieces.

Kings Of The Rollers - Rave Alarm VIP

Making up 1/3rd of possibly the most talked about acts in drum and bass right now alongside Serum and Voltage, Bladerunner has a USB filled with exclusives. Straight off the back of their 'Rave Alarm' EP, footage started circulating off this VIP, bringing a razor-sharp new twist on a track that has been dismantling the festival and club circuits for a while now.

If you want to hear all these tunes under one roof, then check out the Facebook event page here, and cop a ticket before they sell out!

We will also be announcing our VERY special guest on the 23rd of September. Keep an eye out on our Facebook, and our Instagram at @sineseriessine, where we will be revealing clues very soon...

SINE Summer Sesh 2018

SINE presents a daytime drum & bass rave at one of London's most unique and underrated venues - STYX. This will be their biggest line up to date with artists spanning the whole drum & bass spectrum from the early days to current times.

Early bird tickets sold out within a few days.
Limited £12.50 2nd release tickets on sale here >>> https://www.fatsoma.com/sine-series/zkfcdbtm/sine-summer-sesh-2018

Line up:

SPECIAL GUEST (Shogun Audio) - Announced 19th May
BRYAN GEE (Liquid V Set)
GLXY (Shogun Audio)
MYSTIC STATE (The Chikara Project / Flexout Audio)
DEADLINE (Skankandbass)
SWEETPEA (Med School)
HANDY (Launch Collective)
MAXIMOUS (Sub-Urban)
APEY (SINE Series)



Dispatch Recordings - Facebook Live

Dispatch Records pre night warm up! 

Just under 27,000 of you tuned in to hear Dispatch regulars Zero T, Survival, Philth and Arkaik hosted by MC Visionobi LIVE from the Lightbox main room, ahead of the weekends main event.